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Fire Restrictions Ended - 1st May 2014

Fire Danger Period Ended

The Fire Restriction period for Nillumbik Shire Council ended at 1am, 1st of May 2014.

Local municipality (council or shire) restrictions

The local council or shire may have their own local laws about lighting fires. Contact your local council to find out what municipal local laws may be in place. Local laws may be in place all year.

Fire Restrictions Commencd - 23rd Dec 2013

Be aware that fire restrictions for our area is now in force.

 Fire restrictions during the Fire Danger Period

Fire restrictions are now in force. This means you cannot light a fire in the open air unless you have a permit or comply with certain requirements.

If you don't obtain a permit, you could be breaking the law and may be prosecuted.

Other types of fire restrictions

  • Local municipalities (councils or shires) may have their own local laws in relation to lighting fires. Contact your local council to find out what local laws may be in place. Note: The local laws may be in place 12 months of the year.

Burning off during the Fire Danger Period

You need a permit to burn-off during the Fire Danger Period. You must also notify ESTA of your burn-off. Otherwise brigades might be called out unnecessarily.

Total Fire Ban days

Total Fire Bans are different to the Fire Danger Period.

A Total Fire Ban Day can be declared at any time throughout the year. No fires are to be lit in the open air on Total Fire Ban Days unless you have a special permit.


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Grass and Scrub fire in Kangaroo Ground

At about 4:30pm on Friday the 11th of Jan the North Warrandyte brigade was turned out to support a grass and scrub fire just across the edge of our boundaries with Kangaroo Ground on Kangaroo Ground - Warrandyte Road. The fire was burning across a wide area in terrain that was significantly difficult to access. As a result additional appliances were called and the incident escalated quickly. During the course of the next 4-5 hours while the fire was at first contained then bought under control there were over 150 people (across CFA, DSE, Vic Police and local councils) in attendance, across 46 CFA appliances, including:

  • 4 attack helicopters
  • 2 air observer aircraft
  • First responder tankers from the local brigades
  • 2 Tanker strike teams (10 Tankers plus 2 lead vehicles)
  • 3 Slip On strike teams

Additional teams continued to patrol the fire overnight and then monitor and 'black out' the fire the following day. In total 12.6 hectares of land was burnt and property losses were limited to a shed and some fencing. Overall the containment and extinguishing of the fire was a fine example of all the emergency services agencies working seamlessly together.

Of greater concern for our area is that the fire has been deemed 'Suspicious' by Victoria Police.

A big thank you from us...to you

One of the big changes in the field of first aid over recent years has been the rapidly increasing number of Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) devices in public places. An AED is able to automatically diagnose potentially life threatening cardiac arrythmias and if neccesary, to deliver electrical therapy to reestablish a proper cardiac rythym. Recently changes to CFA policy cleared the way for brigades to aquire AED's and our brigade decided that it would be a valuable addition to our tool kit to include an AED on our response units. The North Warrandyte Auxilliary was then able to work with the Warrandyte Lions Club and the Warrandyte branch of the Bendigo Bank to provide donations to allow the brigade to purchase two AED's, a training unit and suitable training in the use of the device for the brigade members.

The brigade membership would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Warrandyte Lions Club and the Warrandyte Bendigo Bank for their generosity. Our community is a better, stronger and safer place thanks to the contributions of local organisations like the Lions and the Bendigo Bank; and for the work they do, they really do deserve all our thanks and our support. The brigade Auxilliary also deserves a special mention and thanks; this exercise has been one of the early successes of the Auxilliary and validates all the effort that the team have put in. The brigade  membership is excited to see where the next Auxilliary project goes.

About the Auxilliary

North Warrandyte CFA’s auxiliary is a small group of dedicated local community members who gather together to find ways to support the brigade in a diverse range of activities. The auxiliary raises funds for specific projects specified by the brigade as well as general fund raising to assist the brigade in its day to day running. Most recently the auxiliary was able to source grants to buy defibrillators for two of our vehicles. Future projects include raising funds for a large generator for the fire station and a film night to be held in October. If you would like to find out more about joining or supporting the auxiliary, please call Jeff on 0409844049.



What's on in June?

So Autumn is behind us and Winter has arrived and for the next few months the nights are longer and our opportunities to stay warm and dry while we train are reduced. As such, in Winter, we spend a little more time focussing on some of our more technical skills and currently a large group of brigade members are going through their Breathing Apparatus training. For the rest of us, there's no respite from the cold dark nights and we will be out and about in the big red trucks on Tuesday night as usual.

Outside of training and our regular call out responses to the community, June will be a quiet month. The Warrandyte market is on the 2nd of June, and a team of members from North Warrandyte will be down at Stiggants (far to) early in the morning to help set up.

A reminder for residents, if you need the CFA to attend an emergency you need to call "000". Remember that our station is 100% staffed by volunteers and if you ring the fire station directly there may not be anyone there to take your call.

One last thing, we are still looking for any members of the community interested in becoming CFA volunteers. There are all sorts of roles in the CFA, ranging from the obvious fire fighting roles, through to more back office and support-type functions. Keeping a volunteer brigade running requires a wide mix of skills and if you think that you would be able to help out in any capacity then please get in touch. The Volunteering page has all the information that you might need. 

Until next month, stay safe warm and happy.

What's on in May?

The weather on ANZAC Day provided us a reminder that the cold wet days of Winter are creeping closer and along with it the need to take care on the roads. With the roads particularly wet and slippery and with plenty of cars out and about, the brigade responded to two incidents in our area within 90 minutes of each other and we'd like to remind everyone to take care on the roads as the days get darker and wetter.

Sat 5th May will be the Warrandyte Market at Stiggants reserve. Members from North Warrandyte will be assisting with the set up from the wee-small hours.

Sun 6th May - The North Warrandyte Lighting unit will be at the Craigiburn Emergency Services Day with a crew. Drop by an see all our gadgets (Bucky calls them machenka's) & gizmos and kick a few tyres on some BRT's*

Watch out for our brigade later in May on the 19th & 20th when we will have crews out and about collecting for the Salvation Army Red Shield appeal. The Salvo's do a great job supporting the community in general, but what you might not know is that the Salvo's also provide meals for emergency services workers during long engagements. These folk appear from nowhere in a big trailer, efficiently feed several dozen hungry emergency services workers and then pack up and dissappear like magic. Collecting for the Red Shield appeal gives us the opportunity to help the Salvos in thanks for the great service they provide us.

Now that we have rubbed the shine off some our newer recruits (leaving them less-new-and-shiney), it's time to build on their skills, and throughout May and June the brigade will be focussing on working their way though the Breathing Apparatus course. For the older crustier members of the brigade it will be training as usual through May.


* Thats super technical fire fighter jargon......no, it just means "Big Red Trucks" 

Christmas Floods

Back at the end of last year our area experienced some of the most heavy rainfall that it has experienced in years. While the Warrandyte area was given a very violent wash down on Christmas Day and many local households were damaged by rain and localised flooding, we did come off much better than our neighbours over in Research and Eltham. Research and Eltham received a massive downpour late in the day which turned Main Road into a river. Aside from the damage and flooding, several CFA units across the area were mobilised to assist people who had gotten stuck in the floods and required rescue. The following videos show the North Warrandyte crew in action assisting a couple of motorists who were stuck on Main Road in research.

and the view from the other angle...

What's on in March?

North Warrandyte are participating in two important events this month.


Andersons 'Open' Garden

On the 17th and 18th of March (2012), the Anderson family will be opening their wonderful garden as part of the ABC's Open Garden program.

  • Talks on sustainable water use
  • Large salvia collection
  • Native and dry-tolerant plants
  • Large vegetable garden
  • Many unusual plants for sale
  • Refreshments and live music

Not to mention the most attractive car parking attenants you ever did see 

Warrandyte Festival

On the 23rd & 24th of March the Warrandyte festival will on throughout the Warrandyte township. The Warrandyte Festival is a celebration of living in Warrandyte (Victoria, Australia).

Each year, the Festival welcomes thousands of locals, families and participants to experience the unique surroundings and village atmosphere.

On the banks of the Yarra, festival-goers enjoy the duck race, billy cart derby, great live music and fabulous festival fare. The kids are entertained all weekend while adults enjoy the swinging sounds of vibrant bands and catching up with friends.

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Fire Restrictions Ended

Fire Danger Period Ended

The Fire Restriction period for Nillumbik Shire Council ended at 1am, 1st of May 2014.

Local municipality (council or shire) restrictions

The local council or shire may have their own local laws about lighting fires. Contact your local council to find out what municipal local laws may be in place. Local laws may be in place all year


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    District/Region: MFB
    Location: FOOTSCRAY
    Last Updated Date/Time: 30/08/14 02:03:58 AM
    Type: Structure Fire
    Status: Initiated
    Size: Small
    Appliances: 2
    Start Date/Time: 30/08/14 02:03:58 AM
    District/Region: MFB
    Location: SUNSHINE WEST
    Name: YOUNG ST
    Last Updated Date/Time: 30/08/14 02:02:52 AM
    Type: Medical Emergency
    Status: Under Control
    Size: Small
    Appliances: 1
    Start Date/Time: 30/08/14 02:02:52 AM
    District/Region: DISTRICT 13
    Location: MOUNT EVELYN
    Last Updated Date/Time: 30/08/14 01:53:00 AM
    Type: RESCUE
    Status: SAFE
    Size: SMALL
    Appliances: 1
    Start Date/Time: 30/08/14 01:25:00 AM
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    Total Fire Ban Status
    Today, Sat, 30 Aug 2014is currently not a day of Total Fire Ban in the Central fire district.

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